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Meat and dairy
Meat and dairy
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Yeh great question Bilal. 👍

Just to add to Emily's great answer, I think you're right to ask the question about mobilising 'mass' communities.

It's exactly what we need to do if we're going to effectively combat climate change. Whether... (More)


Hey Bilal, what an excellent question; one that certainly doesn't have that one 'magical' answer.

From what I've been able to research behind the psychology of Climate Change is that naturally our brains are hardwired to ignore it. This issue... (More)


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the question! There's a good graphic showing the emissions from different food types here64 (BBC) and a more detailed one here68 (OurWorldinData).

As a general rule, red meat is the biggest emitter. Beef comes in... (More)