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Eating locally produced seasonal food is a great idea Sarah. By eating locally produced food you'll be reducing the carbon footprint and supporting local producers as part of a circular and more sustainable economy.

Non-seasonal food is, as Jon mentioned,... (More)

Hi Anna!

So the simple answer is - if it's really cheap, it's unlikely to be sustainable.

Cheap clothes use cheaper materials, cheaper labour and cheap processes. They are built to display and to sell, not to last. Making... (More)

Hi Chris.

Yes you're absolutely right, offsetting isn't perfect. There are pros and cons to offsetting your flight - it certainly shouldn't be considered the answer to flight emissions - it's not.

However, if you are flying, offsetting is certainly... (More)

This is a really good question and the answer, from an emissions perspective, is - no, not necessarily. Let's break it down in to two categories, food that's in season in your area and food that isn't.

Food is... (More)